New Arrivals–April 2014

Welcome Baby Boy Latham! Arrived 04/08/2014 (7lbs, 2oz)

Congrats to Haley and Travis!

Welcome Baby Girl Zylah! Arrived 04/09/2014 (6lbs, 9oz)

Congrats to Carissa and Gene!


Welcome Baby Boy Gavin! Arrived 04/10/2014 (6lbs, 15oz)

Congrats to Christian and Greg!


Welcome Baby Girl Audrina! Arrived 04/09/2014 (8lbs, 2oz)

Congrats to Shanna and Michael!


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New arrivals–March 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Lell Thaleia! (7lbs. 8oz) Arrived 03/07/2014.
Congrats to Camille and George!

Welcome Baby Girl Ruby Louise! (6lbs. 10.5oz) Arrived 03/08/2014.

Congrats to Tina and Will (and Grandma Jeanne!)


Welcome Baby Boy Crosby Alan! (6lbs. 11oz.) Arrived 03/13/2014.

Congrats Brittany and Seth!


Welcome Baby Boy Keith Joseph! (7lbs. 7oz) Arrived 03/15/2014.

Congrats Laura and Kaleb!


Welcome Baby Boy Bruce Owen! (8lbs. 10oz.) Arrived 03/21/2014.

Congrats Aly and Everett!



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New Arrivals–February 2014

Welcome Baby Boy, Harvey Deans! Arrived 02/07/2014. Congrats Briana & James!


Welcome Baby Girl, Elyada Mae! Arrived 02/10/2014. Congrats Kagney and Seth!


Welcome Baby Girl, Eila Amelia! (6lbs. 10oz.) Arrived 02/28/2014.

Congrats Rebecca and TJ!



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New Arrivals–January 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Ruth Lynnette!  Arrived January 29 at 7lbs, 4 oz! Congrats to Vicki and Leonard!


Welcome Baby Girl Cecelia Lee!(7lbs, 5 oz)Congrats to Katey and David!


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New Arrivals–December 2013

Baby Girl River Eowyn (6lbs, 3 oz) arrived on December 20. Congrats Bert and Danielle!


Baby Girl Adalyn Joy (7lbs, 9oz) arrived on December 1st. Congrats Frank and Mallory!1402447_10152044894779255_203008342_o

Baby Boy Ezra arrived on December 1st. Congrats to Aaron and Laura!


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New Arrivals—November 2013

Baby Girl Lashae (7lbs, 1 oz) arrived 11/6/2013 to Proud Parents, Phillip & Tiffany and Big Sister, Keira



Baby Girl Rain (6lbs, 4oz) arrived 11/18/2013. Congrats Dylan & Monica!


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New Arrivals—October 2013

Baby Boy Eli (7lbs, 1.5oz) arrived 10/2/2013. Congrats Joe & Mary!


Baby Boy Owen (8lbs, 0oz) arrived 10/6/2013. Congrats BJ & Briana!


Baby Girl Genevieve (6lbs, 1oz) arrived 10/08/2013. Congrats Brandin & Tarin!


Baby Girl Joy (6lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 10/16/2013. Congrats Brent & Nichole!


Baby Girl Savannah (8lbs, 12oz) arrived 10/17/2013. Congrats Michael & Sonnie!


Baby Boy Kaleb (8lbs, 3oz) arrived 10/19/2013. Congrats Jose & Tessa!


Baby Girl Alexia (8lbs, 1oz) arrived 10/22/2013. Congrats Verlan & Lori!


Baby Boy Blake (8lbs, 2.5oz) arrived 10/27/2013. Congrats to Jason & Becky!



Baby Girl Perpetua (7lbs, 6.5oz) arrived 10/27/2013. Congrats Matthew and Alicia!


Baby Girl Lucia arrived 10/30/2013

Baby Girl Lia arrived 10/31/2013

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New Arrivals—September 2013

Baby Boy Rivers (6lbs, 11.5oz) arrived 9/11/2013

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New Arrivals—August 2013

Baby Girl Lilith (7lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 8/14/2013

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New Arrivals—July 2013

Baby Girl Liberty (5lbs, 9oz) arrived 7/3/2013

Baby Boy Lincoln (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 7/8/2013

Baby Boy Issac (6lbs, 11oz) arrived 7/11/2013

Baby Girl Chloe (8lbs, 8oz) arrived 7/17/2013

Baby Girl Katelynn (6lbs, 3oz) arrived 7/24/2013

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New Arrivals—June 2013

Baby Girl Gwendolen (7lbs, 4.5oz) arrived 6/5/2013

Baby Boy Masayoshi (8lbs, 5oz) arrived 6/12/2013

Baby Boy William (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 6/27/2013

Baby Girl Avalon (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 6/28/2013

Baby Girl Elenor (6lbs, 15oz) arrived 6/28/2013

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New Arrivals—May 2013

Baby Girl Heidi (8lbs, 13oz) arrived 5/2/2013

Baby Boy Vaughn (7lbs, 15oz) arrived 5/13/2013

Baby Girl Grace (5lbs, 15oz) arrived 5/27/2013

Baby Boy Samuel (7lbs, 9.5oz) arrived 5/17/2013

Baby Boy Ezra (7lbs, 12oz) arrived 5/31/2013

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New Arrivals—April 2013

Baby Girl Maggie (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 4/8/2013

Baby Girl Gwendolyn (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 4/12/2013

Baby Girl Morgan (8lbs, 15oz) arrived 4/12/2013

Baby Boy Dillon (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 4/22/2013

Baby Girl Emlyn (8lbs, 5oz) arrived 4/25/2013

Baby Girl Ruthie (7lbs, 6oz) arrived 4/28/2013

Baby Boy Caleb (7lbs, 13oz) arrived 4/29/2013

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New Arrivals–March 2013

Baby Girl Haley (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 3/2/2013

Baby Girl Jenna (7lbs, 1.5oz) arrived 3/14/2013

Baby Boy Winston (8lbs, 4oz) arrived 3/17/2013

Baby Girl Pepper (6lbs, 7.5oz) arrived 3/21/2013

Baby Girl Bryalee (7lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 3/31/2013

Baby Boy Owynn (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 3/31/2013

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New Arrivals—January 2013

Baby Girl Ryka (7lbs, 2.5oz) arrived 1/2/2013

Baby Boy Azariah (7lbs, 11oz) arrived 1/22/2013

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New Arrivals—December 2012

Baby Girl Iris (6lbs, 14oz) arrived 12/18/2012

Baby Boy Crosby (7lbs, 7oz) arrived 12/17/2012

Baby Boy Orin (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 12/19/2012

Baby Girl Kaleah (8lbs, 9.50oz) arrived 12/28/2012

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New Arrivals—November 2012

Baby Boy Jace (8lbs, 1 oz) arrived 11/25/2012

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Meet our Birth Assistants!

Black Hills Birth Center is happy to provide our client’s with the highest quality of care for out of hospital birth.  All births are attended by a birthing team including a Registered Nurse  and a Certified Nurse Midwife.   We have a referral list of trained doula’s if you  need assistance in locating one.  All first time mother’s are required to contract with a trained doula.

ERICA BESTGEN RN: “I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to three daughters, happily living in the Black Hills, and enjoying being a nurse.  I believe God made a true masterpiece when he created women.  I am continually amazed by their strength and ability to bring new life into the world.  It is a blessing each and every time to witness the beginning of a new family.  Besides birthing, I am particularly interested in assisting mother’s with breastfeeding and I am an accredited Le Leche League Leader.  I am currently working towards certification as a Natural Family Planning instructor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.”

RUBY KAISER RN:  “I Graduated nursing school in 1987 with 3 year diploma, received my baccalaureate degree in nursing in 2004 and Master’s degree in nursing in 2009. I have been certified in obstetrical and emergency room nursing. I enjoyed working for 20 years as a primary OB nurse in Deadwood and various other hospitals in Wyoming and South Dakota as a travel nurse.  Besides working at the Black Hills Birth Center, I continue to work in the emergency room at the VA hospital in Sturgis.   OB, however, my love…..especially the natural way!”

CHELSEA IVERSEN: ”I grew up in Whitewood, SD and attended Sturgis Brown High where I met my high school sweetheart and husband, Donald Iversen.  I have two beautiful boys, Gabriel 4yrs. old and Liam who is 3.  I received my baccalaureate degree in nursing from South Dakota State University in 2006 and have always been interested in maternity care, but the blessing of my own children has largely shaped my passion to serve women and infants, and ensure their health and wellbeing.   I am currently enrolled in the Master’s degree program at the Frontier School of Family Nursing and Midwifery.”

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Our Birth Rooms…

Front waiting area complete with smart TV

We just wanted to give everyone a sneek peek at our facility.  We are done with the interior construction and with the exception of a few minor details, we are finished decorating.


Birth room "The Red Room"

The outer courtyard project will be commencing in the next month.  This courtyard will be accessible only from  the birth rooms and will be completely enclosed with a privacy fence.  We can’t wait!



Birth Room: The "Blue Room" with the AQUZ EEZ birth tub


The Blue room features an “AQUA EEZ” birth tub.  This tub is specifically designed for comfort for you water birth.  It has an attachable trapeze for hanging “standing” births to assist with pushing.   Water temperatures are 102… perrrfect for relaxing in labor!

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New Babies!

Ruby, Jeanne and Baby Troy WilliamWe are so proud to announce that our first babies have arrived safely into the world attended by Jeanne Prentice, CNM,  Ruby Kaiser, RN and Erica Bestgen, RN!

Addalee Faith

Ready to go home!

On September 29th Addalee Faith made her debut.  Addallee and her parents are from Dickinson, North Dakota.  We were all so excited for that first delivery at Black Hills Birth Center.   Addalee is welcomed by her sister Ahavah and parents, Jadah and Samuel.  Congratulations to this family.

Ready to go home!

Baby Troy William and Parents Andrea and Wes

Just days later we made history again with the first boy to be delivered here.  Troy William was welcomed into the world by his parents Andrea and Wes of Hulett, Wyoming.

We look forward to many more happy Mammas, beautiful waterbirths and healthy babies!

To schedule an appointment for your first prenatal visit, please call 605-717-9433.  Clinic is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We look forward to meeting you!


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