New Arrivals–August 2014

Coming Soon….. :)

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New Arrivals–July 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Regal Elise! Arrived 07/01/2014!

Congrats to Summer and Stephen!

Welcome Baby Girl Chole Jean! (7lbs, 12oz) Arrived 07/04/2014!

Congrats Kara and Jeremy!

 Welcome Baby Boy Clancy Roy! (7lbs, 8oz) Arrived 07/06/2014!

Congrats Erin and Clint!

Welcome Baby Boy Malachi Sterling! (6lbs, 7oz) Arrived 07/09/2014!

Congrats Tiffany and Edward!

Welcome Baby Boy Jacob Wade! (6lbs, 7oz) Arrived 07/10/2014!

Congrats Sarah and Wade!

Welcome Baby Boy Lincoln Oliver! (7lbs, 7oz) Arrived 07/18/2014!

Congrats Jennifer and James!

Welcome Baby Girl Sorrel Rose! (7lbs, 13oz) Arrived 07/20/2014!

Congrats Erin and Joe!

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New Arrivals–June 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Rosalina! Arrived 06/15/2014.

Congrats Cierra and Issac!


Welcome Baby Boy Richard! (7lbs, 4oz) Arrived 06/13/2014.

Congrats Sarah and Richard!

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New Arrivals–May 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Evelyn Samanda! (7lbs, 15 oz) Arrived 05/03/2014!

Congrats Kelsey and Josh!

Welcome Baby Girl Hannah Nicole! (8lbs, 0oz) Arrived 05/08/2014!

Congrats Amy and Jim!

Welcome Baby Boy Hugo Stephen! (7lbs, 2oz) Arrived 05/30/2014!

Congrats Kala and Spencer!

Welcome Baby Boy Kayson! Arrived 05/31/2014!

Congrats Kortney and Sam!


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New Arrivals–April 2014

Welcome Baby Boy Issac! Arrived 04/23/2014 (7lbs, 3 oz)

Congrats to Judy and Moises!

Welcome Baby Boy Latham! Arrived 04/08/2014 (7lbs, 2oz)

Congrats to Haley and Travis!

Welcome Baby Girl Zylah! Arrived 04/09/2014 (6lbs, 9oz)

Congrats to Carissa and Gene!


Welcome Baby Boy Gavin! Arrived 04/10/2014 (6lbs, 15oz)

Congrats to Christian and Greg!


Welcome Baby Girl Audrina! Arrived 04/09/2014 (8lbs, 2oz)

Congrats to Shanna and Michael!


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New arrivals–March 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Lell Thaleia! (7lbs. 8oz) Arrived 03/07/2014.
Congrats to Camille and George!

Welcome Baby Girl Ruby Louise! (6lbs. 10.5oz) Arrived 03/08/2014.

Congrats to Tina and Will (and Grandma Jeanne!)


Welcome Baby Boy Crosby Alan! (6lbs. 11oz.) Arrived 03/13/2014.

Congrats Brittany and Seth!


Welcome Baby Boy Keith Joseph! (7lbs. 7oz) Arrived 03/15/2014.

Congrats Laura and Kaleb!


Welcome Baby Boy Bruce Owen! (8lbs. 10oz.) Arrived 03/21/2014.

Congrats Aly and Everett!



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New Arrivals–February 2014

Welcome Baby Boy, Harvey Deans! Arrived 02/07/2014. Congrats Briana & James!


Welcome Baby Girl, Elyada Mae! Arrived 02/10/2014. Congrats Kagney and Seth!


Welcome Baby Girl, Eila Amelia! (6lbs. 10oz.) Arrived 02/28/2014.

Congrats Rebecca and TJ!



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New Arrivals–January 2014

Welcome Baby Girl Ruth Lynnette!  Arrived January 29 at 7lbs, 4 oz! Congrats to Vicki and Leonard!


Welcome Baby Girl Cecelia Lee!(7lbs, 5 oz)Congrats to Katey and David!


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New Arrivals–December 2013

Baby Girl River Eowyn (6lbs, 3 oz) arrived on December 20. Congrats Bert and Danielle!


Baby Girl Adalyn Joy (7lbs, 9oz) arrived on December 1st. Congrats Frank and Mallory!1402447_10152044894779255_203008342_o

Baby Boy Ezra arrived on December 1st. Congrats to Aaron and Laura!


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New Arrivals—November 2013

Baby Girl Lashae (7lbs, 1 oz) arrived 11/6/2013 to Proud Parents, Phillip & Tiffany and Big Sister, Keira



Baby Girl Rain (6lbs, 4oz) arrived 11/18/2013. Congrats Dylan & Monica!


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New Arrivals—October 2013

Baby Boy Eli (7lbs, 1.5oz) arrived 10/2/2013. Congrats Joe & Mary!


Baby Boy Owen (8lbs, 0oz) arrived 10/6/2013. Congrats BJ & Briana!


Baby Girl Genevieve (6lbs, 1oz) arrived 10/08/2013. Congrats Brandin & Tarin!


Baby Girl Joy (6lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 10/16/2013. Congrats Brent & Nichole!


Baby Girl Savannah (8lbs, 12oz) arrived 10/17/2013. Congrats Michael & Sonnie!


Baby Boy Kaleb (8lbs, 3oz) arrived 10/19/2013. Congrats Jose & Tessa!


Baby Girl Alexia (8lbs, 1oz) arrived 10/22/2013. Congrats Verlan & Lori!


Baby Boy Blake (8lbs, 2.5oz) arrived 10/27/2013. Congrats to Jason & Becky!



Baby Girl Perpetua (7lbs, 6.5oz) arrived 10/27/2013. Congrats Matthew and Alicia!


Baby Girl Lucia arrived 10/30/2013

Baby Girl Lia arrived 10/31/2013

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New Arrivals—September 2013

Baby Boy Rivers (6lbs, 11.5oz) arrived 9/11/2013

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New Arrivals—August 2013

Baby Girl Lilith (7lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 8/14/2013

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New Arrivals—July 2013

Baby Girl Liberty (5lbs, 9oz) arrived 7/3/2013

Baby Boy Lincoln (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 7/8/2013

Baby Boy Issac (6lbs, 11oz) arrived 7/11/2013

Baby Girl Chloe (8lbs, 8oz) arrived 7/17/2013

Baby Girl Katelynn (6lbs, 3oz) arrived 7/24/2013

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New Arrivals—June 2013

Baby Girl Gwendolen (7lbs, 4.5oz) arrived 6/5/2013

Baby Boy Masayoshi (8lbs, 5oz) arrived 6/12/2013

Baby Boy William (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 6/27/2013

Baby Girl Avalon (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 6/28/2013

Baby Girl Elenor (6lbs, 15oz) arrived 6/28/2013

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New Arrivals—May 2013

Baby Girl Heidi (8lbs, 13oz) arrived 5/2/2013

Baby Boy Vaughn (7lbs, 15oz) arrived 5/13/2013

Baby Girl Grace (5lbs, 15oz) arrived 5/27/2013

Baby Boy Samuel (7lbs, 9.5oz) arrived 5/17/2013

Baby Boy Ezra (7lbs, 12oz) arrived 5/31/2013

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New Arrivals—April 2013

Baby Girl Maggie (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 4/8/2013

Baby Girl Gwendolyn (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 4/12/2013

Baby Girl Morgan (8lbs, 15oz) arrived 4/12/2013

Baby Boy Dillon (7lbs, 10oz) arrived 4/22/2013

Baby Girl Emlyn (8lbs, 5oz) arrived 4/25/2013

Baby Girl Ruthie (7lbs, 6oz) arrived 4/28/2013

Baby Boy Caleb (7lbs, 13oz) arrived 4/29/2013

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New Arrivals–March 2013

Baby Girl Haley (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 3/2/2013

Baby Girl Jenna (7lbs, 1.5oz) arrived 3/14/2013

Baby Boy Winston (8lbs, 4oz) arrived 3/17/2013

Baby Girl Pepper (6lbs, 7.5oz) arrived 3/21/2013

Baby Girl Bryalee (7lbs, 13.5oz) arrived 3/31/2013

Baby Boy Owynn (7lbs, 14oz) arrived 3/31/2013

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New Arrivals—January 2013

Baby Girl Ryka (7lbs, 2.5oz) arrived 1/2/2013

Baby Boy Azariah (7lbs, 11oz) arrived 1/22/2013

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New Arrivals—December 2012

Baby Girl Iris (6lbs, 14oz) arrived 12/18/2012

Baby Boy Crosby (7lbs, 7oz) arrived 12/17/2012

Baby Boy Orin (7lbs, 3oz) arrived 12/19/2012

Baby Girl Kaleah (8lbs, 9.50oz) arrived 12/28/2012

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